June 4, 2010

Honey-Do Friday, episode 9

- Pull weeds (really. don't. want to.)

- Light house cleaning (I noticed my fan blades were looking a might dusty...)

- Finish sorting vintage silverware (so excited to share this with you!)

- Hose off patio furniture (and this! can't wait to start blogging about this!)

- Date with Tony & Katie (we have a cabana rented!) ;)

I am finally feeling like my normal self again! The coughing has all but disappeared, I'm getting good uniterrupted sleep, and I can finally climb my stairs two at a time without gasping for breath. Monday would have made two weeks that this crap stuck around, so I'm glad it's decided to vacate before then. I've kind of neglected the master bedroom (the last thing I've wanted to do is go out shopping for stuff), but I'm thinking next week I can get back on track.

Thanks to those of you who became followers in my absence! That makes me feel like I haven't totally lost my touch! ;) And stay tuned if you happen to ♥ vintage silverware as much as I do, because you're going to have a chance to score some of your own on the cheap (and I mean cheap)!

Have a great weekend!

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