June 21, 2010

Meet me in Del Mar

Judy Garland may have had St. Louis and the world fair, but here in San Diego, our county fair is the mark of summer! I've gone to the fair for as many years as I can remember and have never missed a single summer--even when we were living back in North Carolina! I always coincided my trips out here with the fair schedule. I've made my first official trip for the year, but I have two more planned already! ;)

Me and Mom enjoying the sun...

...the flower competition...

...the wood working exhibit (yes, this full-size male lion is carved completely of wood!)...

...the gems and minerals displays (love the jade "peas" in this food display)...

...and marveling at all the fried foods!

Not pictured: chocolate covered bacon (ew!), fried butter (double ew!), and fried Snickers. But I did help myself to a fried Reese's! I hate to admit just how good this really was! ;)

On the next trip I plan to try one of the fried Klondike bars! =D

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  1. These are great! We don't have anything like this where I live!! Your mom and you are so cute!


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