June 11, 2010

Curly ivy wreaths? Yes please!

When I went down to IKEA last week I was planning to only spend $50, but walked out with a bill of $107.50--whoops! Along with the curtains for our master bedroom, I grabbed a couple of their silver pillar candle holders (also for the bedroom) a lazy Susan for our dinning room table (working on a table scape, piece by piece), and then I saw these great little wreaths that were on a "last chance" end cap. They were priced as $2 each and I absolutely loved the little curlicues they had coming off of them. So I grabbed three! ;) I think one's going to go in our bedroom, and possibly another outside once I get that set up. But the first one was going to go on our door!

I made one of my little wooden signs and attached it with jute twine to the wreath so it's easily removable. This one says "Blessed Be" in Gaelic (isn't that font adorable? I love that it matches the ivy's curlicues!). Now I'm thinking I want to remove it and find a nice rusty horse shoe, or make it a little more seasonal.

That's may favorite thing about them: their simplicity and how easy it will be to dress them up in different "outfits!" I could find some shells on some floral picks and tie a pencil starfish in the center; or some red and blue flowers in the ivy with a little American flag for Fourth of July; burlap strips and starfish; small citrus fruit picks--and that's just summer!

So if you have an IKEA near you, go grab a few before they're gone! I'm looking forward to lots of projects with these in the future.

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