June 7, 2010

Start simple; hang 'em high!

- Pull weeds

- Light house cleaning

- Finish sorting vintage silverware

- Hose off patio furniture

- Date with Tony & Katie

Hanging pool side over the weekend. (Can we tell how productive I was?)

I've come to realize that window treatments really do make a room. Even if it's something really simple. When I was working downstairs in our living room and hung my first PVC-pipe curtain rod, I was blown away at how just the rod seemed to anchor the room. Ever since then I couldn't wait to rip the old IKEA Index curtain rods from the walls in our bedroom. So that's where I started!

While I was out picking up supplies from Home Depot, I swung by Wal-Mart to check out their sheet options. I'm a huge fan of using bed sheets as curtains, especially when you can find them on the cheap. Plus, their length, fullness, and ability to filter light without blocking it completely makes them the perfect alternative to twenty-something-dollar-apiece panels that barely cover your windows. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart had nothing! All of their flat sheets were about $11 a piece, and since the Vivan curtains I had my eye on down at IKEA were only $13 for a two pack, there was no doubt which was the cheaper more budget friendly option!

So, while I supposed to be pulling weeds (heh) I decided instead to drive on down to San Diego and get some curtains. I rationalized to myself that the rods had been hanging empty for so long now--didn't they deserve a little company? Besides, when I walked outside to pull weeds I discovered a whole host of dirt mounds that looked a little freaky. A phone call to the housing office netted that they were probably gopher holes, but until someone comes out and verifies that, I'm not going near them!

Anyhoo, I started by hemming the curtains using the iron-on hemming tape that comes in the package. Now, IKEA recommends cutting them once they're hemmed, but I'd like to use these in another house down the road, so I just pressed the edges and kept all the extra fabric. Besides, it gives the bottoms a bit of a billowy look, and that's fine by me!

Once they were all hemmed (I brought them up about 5-inches), I tossed them in the dryer to get all the wrinkles out. Nothing worse than hanging creased curtains! After a quick cycle, I hung 'em up! I can't decide if I want to keep them in the rod pocket, or the hidden tab style...

They still have a few wrinkles in them, but at least they don't have that fresh-outta-the-package look to them! I'm anxious to start working on our bed, but just having new curtains up already makes the room so much more relaxing. There's just nothing I love more than the sight of white curtains blowing in the breeze.

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