September 12, 2010

Now it's a knock-off!

Nothing for six days, and then two posts in the same one! Go me. I had to show you one of the many tiny projects that have been waiting to be finished around here. I wish I could say it has to do with our bedroom, but it actually has to do with the guest bedroom.

Remember my knock-off Pottery Barn lamp? The one that I created after falling in love with their version, but I just couldn't swallow the astronomical price tag?

Yeah, that one. Well, apparently patience is an art form, because back when I first made this lamp, I couldn't buy the amazing unlined burlap shade separately, so I settled on a sheer white one (which now graces my coffee bean lamp). But over Labor Day weekend when Mom & I hit up Pottery Barn, guess what was hanging out in their lighting section?

Meet the Pottery Barn "Burlap Tapered Drum Lamp Shade." A true thing of beauty in my opinion. I know some of us out there are wacky for burlap and lack the necessary skills to create this at home (ahem! yours truly!), but now if you feel like saving yourself the stress and anxiety of cutting up a perfectly good lamp shade only to realize you decimated the frame and can no longer cover it time of DIY-ing it, you can buy it!

And what a difference it made.

Now it looks like a knock-off!

With the addition of the new lamp shade, this little guy came to a whopping $50.40. If you calculated in tax for the original lamp, it would come to a grand total of $281.66, effectively saving me $231.26! So that little lamp shade was well worth the extra money!

Happy dance!

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