September 18, 2010

One Kings Lane

Chances are, you've already heard of this website from some other way-more-trendy-and-ahead-of-times-than-me blogger, but if you haven't--yay I get to impart wisdom! ;)

One Kings Lane is an interesting site to say the least! You have to be a member to peruse their pages, but it's free and they give you a $15 store credit just for signing up! I signed up both Jason and myself (I know, I'm such a little cheater) and bought two of these beautiful shams for our bed. I just love their simplicity and how chic they are. And since I used a total of $30 in credit, I only paid $34 after tax and shipping for two of these fabulous cases!

But if bedding's not your current obsession cup of tea, they have a ton of other things that are always on sale! I thought these lamps were absolutely gorgeous! They're made of solid Alabaster.

Or for those of you lucky enough to own your own home, how about some Graham & Brown wallpaper? They're selling double rolls for $30 (marked down from $60). Some of their designs are drool-worthy!

And if you have a wee one on the way, they're about to have a sale on some very cozy looking baby blankets. Perfect if someone is having a fall/winter baby!

My pillow shams should arrive next week and I can't wait to see how they look on our bed! Mom and I are going to be very busy this weekend, trying to wrap up all the loose ends before Jason gets home. We're actually going to buy him a BBQ grill today! And my mom has informed me that we're going to Bed Bath & Beyond to replace the very flat guest bedroom pillows (our pillows are definitely past their prime--although Jason does prefer flat to fluffy). And I'm thinking that all this grey fall(ish) weather we're having is going to require me to break out the brownie making supplies...

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you do!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not been paid or compensated by One Kings Lane to endorse their products or website, but if you sign up, not only do you get a $15 credit, but I get one too if you decided to buy something.

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