September 21, 2010

Time capsule

I was updating my FB page with some pictures of the shelves I just hung in our bedroom, when I came across this photo of me and my BFF Stephanie from back in 2004 (that's pre-Jason folks!). We're all dressed up and on our way to my company Christmas party (we were both sans any permanent man in our lives at the time, so we were each other's dates that year). Note the odd angle my body is turned at--I'm showing off my then-brand-new clover tattoo! But check out what's in the background!

YES! That's the wall unit in its original home (a.k.a., my parents' house). I told you this thing was old! One year later it would be sitting in mine and Jason's first apartment, and six years later, it would look like this.

Isn't that insane?! I'm so glad I kept this big hulking peice of furniture! It still has so much life left in it. I wonder if someday our kids will be DIY-ing it and making their own too?

and if you want to see how i managed to revamp this giant, check out it out here.

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  1. Thanks so much for your comment on our NEW HOUSE!
    I'm the same as you as usually don't like new build houses but I fell in love with this one it has a lot more character then most new builds :)
    We actually don't live in the USA we are in Canada! British Columbia to be specific in a town called CLOVERDALE about 45 minutes outside of Vancouver!!
    Thanks again for sharing in our excitement!!
    c/o maillardville manor
    p.s. Love that wall unit! I would never have known that was the same unit!


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