December 22, 2009

file this one under "office"

With Christmas only days away, Jason and I are both ridiculously excited for all the after Christmas shopping we plan to do! Our big ticket items? Our desk and our second bookcase.

After months, nay, almost a year, with a hand-me-down industrial desk we got for free from my step-dad, we've finally found one we like. We debated heavily on what we were going to get. Something I built? Something we found at a thrift store and refurbished? While both these ideas were forefront runners for a long time, we were unable to a.) find a desk we liked enough to refurbish and b.) had a lot of bad luck buying table legs. Deciding the DIY-universe was against me (I could see myself chopping off a finger along the way), I sat down and laid out a new plan.

1. Mark├Âr bookcase from Ikea, lined with 2. Martha Stewart wrapping paper in Granny Smith and Pea Shoot 3. Kassett storage boxes from Ikea to go into 4. our new Expedit work station 5. The greens and blues offer a lovely contrast and compliment to the yellow toile and ticking stripe fabric for our reading chair from

All that's needed are a few accent pieces to tie the colors together throughout the room. I'm absolutely in love with the dark furniture (which we have always favored for some reason) and the fresh pops of color.

I suppose now all we need is a good office chair, huh?

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  1. Ooh! We have the Markor bookcases and LOVE them! You'll enjoy them, and the rest of your pretty pieces too! It all looks beautiful together. :-)



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