December 1, 2009

my Christmas project

So I went shopping today and did quite well! I got most everything on my list and spent maybe $100. I have all kinds of projects stacked around my house, in some stage of drying, binding, or finishing. I thought that since I now have the proper necessities for my big holiday project, I'd finally share it with you! I am making my holiday ornaments from top to bottom.

Okay, maybe that's not super impressive, and I'm not actually making the ornaments but it's a pretty big task in and of itself. About a week before Thanksgiving, I suddenly decided I had to have mercury glass ornaments for the tree. And I really wanted them from Crate & Barrel. It looks like they've sold out of them (WOW), but they were $12 for a set of six mini ornaments. After discovering I'd be spending $120 for ornaments, I quickly (but sadly) pushed the thought out of my head.

Then I came up with our new theme: "White Christmas." White ornaments, white poinsettias, and white feathers. So far, the plan's going off great (and cheap)! All my ornaments ended up being free (the ones from Amazon, plus all the ornaments from Christmases past) so all I had to do was buy new hooks (240 for $3 at Michael's), a few new cans of paint and primer, and I'm in business!

I'll start posting pictures as soon as things start coming off the drying racks and going up on the tree!


  1. A White Christmas sounds like a lovely theme!

    I adore Christmas - I got out our wreath to pop on the door today, and this sweet motorized, lit up ballroom thingee we have! (hows that for a really bad description!)

    Gotta love all the spangle that comes with Christmas!
    I know your decorations will look amazing ;)

    <3 xxx

  2. Thanks PB! I can't wait to get everything hung on the tree. That's always my favorite part. Sitting by the glowing Christams tree with some hot cider--of course Christmas is in the winter here, so I guess you all would be drinking lemonade, right? ;)


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