March 12, 2010

big fat diy FAIL!

Full disclosure right? We like bloggers who are honest about their mistakes and boo-boos that they make along the way to home decor nirvana. Yesterday, I failed so hard and so bad I literally cried. A lot.

That is what remains of my beautiful envelope closure lumbar pillow that I slaved so hard over yesterday. Ruined by the stupid cheap iron-on paper. The manufacturer somehow neglects to tell you that the whole white part of the paper is what actually irons on, not your specific image. I don't know if this is because Wilton transfers just suck, or if it's because I grabbed the transfer paper for "dark fabrics." Either way, a little disclosure is needed! You can see that I tried to pick it off to salvage the pillow, but it was all in vain.

There was a lot of crying involved here (and a lot of consoling from hubby). I was so frustrated. The last thing I wanted to do was to make another pillow. But, after soaking the case last night (hoping the paper would bubble up and I could yank the rest of it off) I realized that's exactly what I have to do. (sigh) But I guess the trip to JoAnn's will also net me the zipper I need to finish my French grain sack pillow.

So, new options for this pillow are going to include:
  • going back to grab iron on sheets for light fabrics--and I will be testing it on my now-ruined pillow case before making anything permanent!
  • using a vinyl decal (I have an email into someone on etsy to see if it would work)
  • trying to freehand it with paint
  • figure out if there is in fact another iron-on technique (which I don't think there is)
  • decorate the front with buttons like this one:

    (I can't remember where I found this image at. If it's yours let me know!)

    I'm thinking if the vinyl lettering won't work, then I'm jumping straight to buttons. I really don't trust myself free handing such an intricate font. If anyone out there has any experiences using a better iron-on technique or has used vinyl letters with success on fabric please let me know!

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    1. if it makes you feel better, i was working on a frame yesterday. i thought red would be a good color.
      it wasnt.
      i cried too.

    2. If you find a transfer that works, let me know. I've had the same problem in the past, and only got around it because I used an x-acto knife to cut out my words/image/shape and ironed THAT on instead of the entire transfer.
      Good luck!

    3. @the thrifty ba--That seriously comforts me in ways you can't even understand! Thank you!

      @Jen--You must have the patience of a Saint! I only considered doing that for a millisecond.

    4. depending on how patient you are, what you can do is print your image on a piece of paper... rub chalk (any chalk or you can be super organised and use dress making chalk) on the back of the image... place your image where you want it...trace the edged of your image, lift off the paper and then colour/paint with fabric paint... i used to do this all the time before I bought a screen for printing...which is another option - any of your friends have a screen, then they could just print it on for you

    5. @Elise--actually, I've heard of that! That might be a good idea. I was trying to think of a way to trace the font since it's so complicated.


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