March 14, 2010

you had me at hello

You may notice the new blog banner. It looks a little naked up there, but that's okay! The more projects I do, the more pictures I accumulate, and the fuller it will look! I thought it was time to make it a little more personal--after all, half the fun of doing projects is showing them off!

Speaking of showing off, I've been showing practically everyone photos of my latest acquisition. This gorgeous almost-as-big-as-me mirror.

(pardon the huge mess on the table!)

Isn't it breath taking? I scooped her up at my favorite estate sale place. She was hiding behind a couple of sofas. Luckily I had my holy grail with me (a.k.a. the notebook that holds all my home decor ideas, projects, measurements, etc.), and I knew that amongst the pages was the specifications for a mirror I want for a wall in our bedroom. The bedroom revamp is still about a month away, but I knew that something like this would be stolen right out from under me if I didn't hot foot it! Double checking that the mirror was the right size for our wall (using the proprietor's measuring tape) I lugged this beast curvy cutie up to the register. At a full 3-feet wide by 4-feet tall and only $65, I absolutely had to take her home with me. They do not make mirrors like this for $65 these days.

My only dilemma now is should I paint it? I know, gasp! The wood is in perfect condition and doesn't have a flaw on it. I'm only juggling the idea because
a.) our bedroom furniture is all black, and
b.) I had visions of a white mirror blending into our wall--something you only notice as a surprise afterthought.
The mirror is going to go across from the window in our bedroom to help bounce around all the gorgeous light our room gets naturally. I just love the idea of it being white and being so subtle that you almost don't know it's there.

Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Amber,
    I luv your $65 mirror...what a great deal you got! I like the idea of painting it WHITE with your furniture being black...go for it...I think you be happy you did:) I'm hope you will come by and show her off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY!


  2. @Linda--I'd LOVE to! I'm hoping you have them every Tuesday because it will still be a little while before I have her complete. Or can I show her off as-is?


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