March 17, 2010

q&a recap

Yes, I'm going to be cruel like that and keep the drawing one more day. I thought instead I'd answer the questions I got from my readers. I had tons of fun answering them and I hope to do more q&a's in the future.

Q: What was your most memorable childhood event (vacation, trip, birthday, etc.)?
A: Wow, start out with a hardball why don't you? ;) Kidding, kidding. My eighth birthday is popping into my head. It's the first birthday I remember having in San Diego. We'd just moved from Sacramento where we'd lived since I was about one. We had it at my aunt and uncle's house because they had a really nice pool (and still do--they live in the same house to this day). My uncle video taped the whole thing; he had one of those huge shoulder contraptions where you actually taped onto the VHS! It was so much fun, and I also think it was a bit of a Disney princess theme. I got a Beauty and the Beast beach towel, and my cake had all sorts of plastic Disney princess figurines like Belle, Jasmine, and Aurora. I think it's quite possibly one of my favorite childhood birthdays.

Q: Do you guys plan on having kids anytime soon?
A: That's going to be a no. We go through (what we like to call) peaks and valleys when it comes to the baby issue. When we got married we were gung-ho for little ones. Then somewhere along the line we realized we really like being child-free. We love babies! Just as long as they're not screaming, crying, puking, pooping, spitting up someone else's babies. But don't count us out of the procreation race just yet--we might shoot up into baby peaks and turn into Three Nuts in a Shell! ;)

Q: What's your favorite way to relax after a hard day?
A: I loooove bubble baths (and bath bombs!). I love to fill up a big ol' tub full of suds and let my cares melt away. In fact the deeper the tub the better. It's the one thing I hate about base housing--Jacuzzi tubs haven't quite made it on their list of housing necessities. DH bought me a deep water bath drain cover from Amazon, so that makes up for it.

Q: How would you describe the style of your home?
I finally have an answer for this! We call it "Southern Irish Farmhouse Modern." Seriously, and I can break it down for you:
Jason loves his Southern roots--and to him that means comfortable couches that you can flop down in without getting yelled at for messing up the slipcovers. We both love our Irish background, and we use tidbits of it whenever we can sneak it in. That includes the over zealous way we use green! I fell in love with farmhouse furniture earlier this year (yeah, thanks Pottery Barn) because I found it was the perfect blend of an antique (turned legs, curves, solid) and a modern style (clean lines, function, elegance). So there you have it. "Southern Irish Farmhouse Modern" in a "nut shell."

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Mmm...tough question. Right now, it'd either be Portland, Oregon or Dallas, Texas (or a suburb of either place). Two extremes, I know! We have family in both places, and last year we took a trip up to Oregon to see how it would fare our our "forever home." We plan on taking the same excursion to Dallas and see how we feel about it. Other runners up were Las Vegas, Nevada and Raleigh, North Carolina but we've since vetoed them.

Q: Where do you turn for inspiration for decorating your home?
Well if you pay any attention here you'll know that I love love love Pottery Barn and IKEA. And from my confession about my catalogue addiction others include Crate & Barrel, Ballard Designs, West Elm, and Wisteria. But I also love to look at real-life homes and get inspiration from them. Sherry and John at Young House Love are one of my favorites because I love the streamlined modern feel that their house has. But, I also adore Layla and Kevin at The Lettered Cottage because of how homey and comfortable their home feels. I really try to find spaces that have the same qualities I want our home to have and whenever I get stuck I turn to those muses.

Q: What's your all time favorite songs or artists?
I go through phases. Right now, I'm in an all country phase! "Chicken Fried" by Zac Brown Band and "Good Directions" (a.k.a. the "Sweet Tea" song) by Billy Currignton are my favorites (although I blame the latter the sign I made last week). I got this way right before we moved to the South back in 2006 as well (pre-blog). Other times I only want to listen to classic rock (Styx is my favorite, and I have "Renegade" set as my ring tone). Often I go through my Irish phase and all I want to hear are fiddles, flutes, and Gaelic! "DĂșlaman" by Celtic Woman is my favorite Irish song (and oddly enough, I think it's a song about seaweed). And of course, I have my retro moments where I can't get enough of Elvis, The Andrews Sisters, Perry Como and the likes. So you can see I can't really pick just one all time favorite, although I will admit that I cried when Savage Garden broke up back in the day, and they're the only band I've done that over!

Q: What kind of headboard are you going to make?
Way to notice the to-do list! Actually, Jason and I have decided that we're going to buy a whole new bed (right now we only have a simple bed frame from Wal-Mart). I'm absolutely in love with Pottery Barn's Antonia Canopy Bed--for many reasons, of which I'm not going to dive into here. And yes, it's ridiculously expensive, but I'm not going to rush to buy it right away. I'm hoping it will go on sale some time this summer, or a trip to another decorating class nets me a discount coupon to use. Thankfully, Jason likes it as much as I do; he just wants me to try and get the best deal possible before plunking down the plastic (debit card that is).

I'll annouce the winners of the drawing tomorrow so stay tuned! And if you ever have any other questions you can always e-mail at

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