March 2, 2010

unglamorous glamour

My arms are covered in paint. I've somehow managed to get a blob on my forehead as well. I have dust smeared on my cheek, and my hair is scraped back into a ponytail--with lots of bits sticking out here and there. But these times when I am feeling most down and dirty and unglamourous in the midst of a DIY project is when Jason says I am at my cutest. The sheer determination on my face, the tiny swears that pop out of my mouth, and the great sighs I expel when I am finished for the day--to him they are the sights and sounds he's going to miss most when he leaves this month.

We're still around--the weekend was insanely busy! Friday we enjoyed the company of Nichole and one of Jason's Marines, Josh. The four of us went shopping which led to dinner, which led to our favorite country western club, which led to "breakfast." I think Jason and I finally tumbled into our bed at four a.m. Saturday morning! But it was one of the best nights we've had with friends in a long time. Saturday night my family had a dinner for Jason so everyone could see him off. Most of Sunday was spent sleeping (for me) while Jason played golf with another one of his Marines, Johnny.

Not much work was done to the wall unit, but I'm happy to say that yesterday and today have been spent making up for that! I'm hoping to move it inside tonight and apply the bead board wall paper tomorrow (I've already been preparing vignettes for some of the cubbies, so I can't wait to get it finished!).

And just so this post isn't completely devoid of photos, I'll leave you with this one: my new claddagh ring all the way from Ireland!

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