March 1, 2010

how to paint large pieces (without any fancy equipment)

If you're like us, then you're always on a budget when it comes to redecorating. Even the smallest things can add up here and there. That's why when I decided to tackle my biggest furniture revamp yet, I knew I had a challenge on my hands.

Now, most people would use a big fancy air compressor and attachable spray paint gun to paint a piece this big. If you have the ability, funds, or accessibility to one of these, go for it! However, when I started looking at renting one of these things, I discovered:
a.) The cost of renting the air compressor was $30 for one day. I knew I was probably going to need it for two.
b.) The local Home Depots don't rent the paint attachment. So I would have to purchase one separately for $45 (on the cheap end).
That meant it was going to cost $105 just to paint my wall unit! Um, no! That's money I can spend on accessorizing and building other pieces.

So instead, this is what I did:

  • Spray primer (I use Rust-Oleum 2x Coverage)
  • Roll-on primer (I use Kilz, but if you're smarter than I am, you'll use a grey primer if you plan on painting a piece black!)
  • Spray paint in your chosen color (I use any number of black glossy spray paints for my projects, usually Krylon or Rust-Oleum)
  • Roll-on paint (for this project I used Behr Paint and Primer in a basic black--it only took 2 coats and I barely used a quarter gallon)
  • Foam roller, paint pan, step stool (if you have a big piece and you're a little shorty like yours truly)

    Start by wiping down your piece (I forgot to do this prior, so I had to do it post primer, hence all the little dust balls on the wood). Using your spray primer, spray all the nooks, crannies, and corners of your piece. Don't get too heavy--you don't want drips and pooling. And don't worry about covering every surface--we're just trying to get into the places where a paint roller can't.

    Pardon the messy, messy garage.

    Once your spray primer has dried, prime the rest of piece like usual with your roll-on primer and foam roller. (Notice my little IKEA step stool--best $20 I ever spent.)

    Let dry thoroughly.

    Now, just repeat these steps with your chosen paint color!

    And there you have it. A cheap, easy, and effective way to paint a large piece of furniture without all that fancy equipment!

    To see how this piece turned out, check out this post.

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