May 16, 2010

Exciting stuff that has zip to do with DIY (and one that does)

I've been absent, I know. But oh my gosh I've been having so much fun and such good things have been happening! I've been wanting to sit down and share them each with you as they've come along, but it seems like I would have been posting every day twice a day (this is why I should probably set up a Twitter account). So, here's what's up.

1.) I got pampered before my big birthday bash.
Okay, so not totally newsworthy, but hey! A mani/pedi, a faux-tan, and a new hair color can totally make the entire week better! And believe me, they did!

2.) I won tickets to a movie premiere.
I was so totally stoked!! I believe all I could say over and over again was, "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" It was one of those "be-our-numbered-caller-and-you'll-win" radio things. I got a busy tone twice when I called and on the third time it was ringing! When the guy picked up and said I was the right caller I screamed! Like, right into his ear. Profuse apologizing followed.

3. I had my big birthday bash.
Oh. So. Fun! I've got bruises galore from sliding across the floor (line dancing) and from riding the mechanical bull, but good birthdays always leave some sort of mark on us, don't they? Here's yours truly unleashing her inner cowgirl for the big 2-6. And I actually managed to stay on the entire time!

4. I've been working out like crazy and it's paying off.
Any military spouse can tell you that deployments are the best time to get back in shape, and I've been taking full advantage of it. I've been striving to get back down to my pre-surgery weight of 118 pounds. As of today I weigh 121.6, and if I subtract the three pounds for my implants (which I always do) I'm officially at 118.6! I've noticed all my pants have started to slide down my hips, resulting in constant skyward yanking, so apparently some new jeans (and a belt) are in order soon!

5. I scored patio furniture for free!
I'll do a full post on this once I start working on it. But Mom and I made a trip over to Urban Barn in Escondido, where I scored a wicker chair that's in almost brand new condition, and an adorable side table for under $70 total (I'm also going back for an amazing vintage galvanized tub that I put on hold). Well, for some reason this shopping spree triggered Mom's memory and she remembered that my step-dad had some old furniture squirreled away somewhere. Turned out to be two wooden benches, another side table, and two cool architecture-metal-type-things. It basically completed our patio set for zilch (although I'd still like to find one more wicker chair)!

So, that's what's been going on! I haven't even had time to complete a lamp that I'd started last week, although I'm hoping to get to it today. I have a friend coming in from North Carolina for a few days so I may be absent again here and there. But I still have my guest room to photograph and share (the lamp is the last detail) and once that's finished it's onto the patio...or master bedroom...or both...;)

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