May 7, 2010

Hone-Do Friday, episode 8

- Finish painting night stand (it's looking sooooo pretty!)

- Start cleaning up the guest room (I'm really only waiting on three more things to get here before it's done!)

- Begin accessorizing

- Visit lots of antique malls, flea markets, and beach-side thrift stores with Mom (so excited for this one! think I have about five places on the list!)

- Mother's Day lunch with Mom

I swear I just did a Honey-Do Friday! I just hope the weeks continue to fly like this. I'm missing my husband something terrible right now. And while I'm looking forward to summer and all the things it brings with it (the fair, my sisters being home from their colleges, visitors and trips to the beach), I'll be so happy once fall is on the horizon!

Have a great weekend! Here's hoping I find some real treasues to share with you on Monday!

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