June 24, 2009

big news

Jason received his orders yesterday...

...and we're moving...


But, we're moving down to the coast to one of the world's largest Marine Corps bases--Camp Pendleton! Happily, this is now a short [8 lane] freeway drive away from my family! From the east to the west, from the desert to the beach in less than a year!

image from mysandiegolife.com

At first we were shocked. Jason's instructor had hand picked him and four other Marines to stay here and teach. The monitor [the guy who issues orders] didn't choose any of the five to stay behind. He chose Marines that had actually failed some of their classes and, by Marine Corps standards, were anything but stellar and outstanding. So Jason was pretty upset by the news.

image from superfitness.com

However, as the day wore on we started to realize all the good things that were coming our way. One of the housing areas we may end up in has a very nice view of the ocean, and after seeing all this sand it will be a happy change! By the end of the week we should know which area of the base he'll be working on, and that will help us figure out where we'll land housing wise.

image from city-data.com

I feel like my short little Marine Corps life has come full circle. My very first Marine boyfriend was stationed at Camp Pendleton and I can remember driving around the base wide-eyed, wondering if it would ever be a lifestyle I'd know. After being [what feels like] around the country in just three short years, I feel like the Mother Ship is calling me home!


  1. Big news, indeed! Wow --- and after you just began settling into your new home. What's the time frame on the move?

  2. October-sih time frame. When we get his physical orders it will give us a "report by" date.


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