June 29, 2009

her favorite color is chrome copper

Is there any other metal that wears and ages as well as copper?

I'd have to say, no.

Don't get me wrong, I love silver and brushed nickel finishes but copper seems to add a special touch--a surprise pop of color where you don't expect to see one. I've already told Hubbs for our seventh anniversary [the copper anniversary] that I want a set of copper pots and pans from Crate & Barrel. He said he'd start saving now.

After yesterday's post, I kept searching for the perfect alarm clock for our bedroom [hel-lo Type-A!]. This morning, I found her--and yes, it's a her.

In all her German glory, this vintage Ferger Anker alarm clock is now all mine! I have no idea how old she is [the seller puts her birth anywhere between 1930 and 1969] but I don't care! When I saw her my heart did a little dance. She was the perfect mix of my tarnished Roman numeral alarm clock, and the cute Ikea alarm clock with the little bell and hammer. Ah, perfection.

So now I'm officially out of DIY-decor-money for the month [ahem!--cutoff more like], but this made it all worth while. She was also the perfect price as well; at just $15 she was a good steal without breaking the bank!

Quick show of hands:
1.) How many of you actually knew the Statue of Liberty was made of copper?
2.) How many of you understand the reference in my post title?


  1. Anonymous5/15/2010

    No I didn't know the Statue of Liberty was made of copper! Nice photo- thanks!

  2. Anonymous8/06/2010

    so is that photo of the statue of liberty for real, i didn't know it looked like that!! really cool.

  3. Anonymous8/22/2010

    I just found out the statue of liberty was copper. OMG, I'm so amazed its ridiculous. I dont know; the copper really makes it look historical ( if that makes sense )more so than the green but hey, its nature. What can we do?


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