June 28, 2009

budget$ happen

What happens when your budget rears its ugly head and puts the breaks on your DIY-decor-a-thon? Polyvore!

I've really been enjoying their site, being able to put together my room plans and see them all in one place versus one big messy folder on my computer's hard drive. While my layout boards aren't nearly as amazing as other's DIY-designers, they're a great way for me to show Hubbs what my plans are so he can veto or agree with them. Here's a plan I made for our master bedroom.

DIY-shutter headboard: $55
Old fashioned alarm clock: $7-$25
European square pillows: $30
Navy ticking stripe fabric for pillow covers: $32 for four yards
Bed: $0 [already own]
Night stands: $0 [already own]
Down alternative comforter: $0 [already own]
Chests of drawers: $0 [already own]
Total (not including red fabric): $124-$142

Thankfully, our bedroom has good bones. Earlier this year we invested in a nice set of chests and a simple metal bed frame. Now it's just pulling it all together. I was thinking we would end up doing a padded headboard, but I loved the idea of having two huge euro-pillows piled up on the bed--which would negate the need for the headboard. So instead, I decided to go with shutters. I scored a great deal on eBay [let's hope it's better than the last one] and found a set of four shutters for only $55 after shipping. I jumped on them because a.) the size was perfect--14.5" x 60" and b.) they were a phenomenal price--Lowe's wanted about $30 per shutter, and they were shorter than the ones I bought! Mine worked out to $13.75 a piece!

My only qualm about my plan is spending $25 on the alarm clock that I want.

I love its tarnished silver body and the Roman numerals on its face--but $25? It's a little steep in my opinion, especially as it's going to be purely deocration [I haven't used a real alarm clock in years]. The clock in the layout is from Ikea, a good ol' fashion bell chime alarm clock. It's just as cute, but for some reason I'm wanting those Roman numerals. Guess I'd better start visiting some consignment shops!


  1. OH! I wish that I knew that you wanted shutters, I have some, that aren't painted yet, that so far I have no use for. Same size, but the shipping would have probably killed us both.

    I like your plans so far.

  2. P.S. go for it on the clock. You are already saving so much and think how often you will use it....$25 divided by 365 = 6.8 cents a day!

  3. Gwen: I like the way you think! Only 7 cents a day... hmm... that clock seems muuuch more afordable now! ;0) Thanks for the offer on the shutters--actually since we're both in California, the shipping might not have been so bad. Well, that's what I get for not asking my readers! But there's tons of projects you can do with them. I think Layla at The Lettered Cottage just framed a mirror with some she found.


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