June 5, 2009

weekend to-dos

We're headed out to Palm Springs this weekend, but this time, we're not going to make it just a day trip. I surprised Hubbs last night with reservations at a gorgeous resort and tickets to see Wolverine. We've both decided we need a mini-vacation to a place that we're not visiting family [San Diego], we're not being go-go-go tourists [Las Vegas], and somewhere that we know so we're not getting lost and bickering [Los Angeles]. Our new-favorite little city held exactly those options. Plus, I plan to hit up the water park for nothing more than their lazy river. That sounds so nice right about now.

I'm taking along my trusty little notebook--which no longer looks as tidy and pretty as it did when I took this picture. I fully intend to hit up my favorite stores for some cheap decoration solutions, and to use my 20% coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond.

However, the DIY-er in me is so excited because we're finally going to get the couch cushions to an upholsterer's! I'm hoping that having the feather-down replaced with foam won't run us anything too crazy--it's only for five seat backs.

So, enjoy your weekends--I have to go start packing and prepping the house for our leave of absence! I'll see you on Sunday!

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