June 25, 2009

one-ninty-nine & lookin' fine!

$1.99 Ram picture frames from Ikea +

Primer and espresso paint +

Colorful card stock = gorgeous wall decor on the cheap!

Seriously, how much money do you spend on frames and mats? The last time we had pictures framed, we spent $20 on the frame and $30 on a custom cut mat because the picture was an odd shape (like my 9"x6" ones above). $50 on one photo! These literally cost me all of $2.14 each after taxes. The espresso paint and primer are such a common product in our household now. We may run out of milk but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I don't have at least one can of paint and primer. The card stock I've had stashed away--a throw back from some long forgotten project [seriously--what did I need three packs of card stock for?!]. I have one more picture left to frame, but I need another frame and red card stock.

I'm trying to find colors in each picture and draw them out with the mats. The blue gray mat totally brings out the colors of the clouds in one photo! How's this for color matching that sunset?

Don't wan to toot my own horn... but for a project that turned at this good for so inexpensively? {toot toot!}

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