August 24, 2009

etiquette 101

As I type this, I am--not so successfully--balancing a book on my head. Quite a feat, as I never learned to properly type with my fingers splayed over a s d f j k l and the ; symbol. But guess what I just realized? Over the years of not typing like that, I can actually type in my chicken-pecking manner without looking at the keys! Ha! Take that typing class!

You may wonder what the heck I'm doing. I'm working on my posture, or trying to at least. While watching "A League of Their Own" today, I was enamoured by the scenes of the girls at charm and beauty school. Nearly an hour spent googling, and all I've come to find out is that finishing schools have gone the way of manners themselves! Practically disappeared! The only ones I can find are geared towards executives and I don't need to really need to hear about "dressing for business meetings" or "how to increase your sales impact." I want to learn about walking with a book on my head, which fork to use at dinner, and all those other things that are now considered to be "anti-feminist." I have a few e-mails in to some of those places hoping they may be able to point me in the right direction.

In the meantime, I had a real success with my hair today! Around Christmas last year I bought one of those ridiculously expensive flat irons after being mowed down by a fellow in the mall offering to make my hair impossibly beautiful. Truth be told, the flat iron really is amazing and I managed to squeeze some free gifts and a military discount out of him. Behold, the HerStyler:

One of the deal makers was the fact that it could curl my hair as well. Now, having multiple layers, using a curling iron gets rather tedious. Plus, my hair is kind of heavy and a curl tends to fall out after a few hours. But not with my HerStyler!

Four hours later, they're still nice and bouncy!


  1. i'd love to go to finishing school too. although probably pointless for both of us as we have already snagged husbands (which was the main point of finishing schools - to polish you up so you could get the best husband possible).

    i really enjoyed watching 'Ladette to Lady' for the finishing school bits. I'm also making my way through Emily Post so I'll know the correct way to address people and what to wear to the opera

  2. Maybe etiquette school would be good for us--everyone should learn proper etiquette! :) I suppose Emily Post would be good to read, but part of me does want that experience of someone tapping my back to sit up straight or evaluating my eyebrows. ;)


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