August 31, 2009

our calendar

Here's just a tiny peak at the things we have planned for the last half of the year:

September 11 - baseball game
September 12 - professional head shots
September 12 - Mom & Step-dad's 50th birthday party
September 13 - baseball game
September 28 - planned move date

October 10 - Highland Games
October 11 - Highland Games
October 24 - planned trip to Oregon
October 31 - planned return from Oregon

November 3 - leave for San Francisco
November 5 - return from San Francisco
November 17 - planned trip to Houston
November 19 - planned return from Houston
November 27 - free resort weekend
November 28 - free resort weekend

And somewhere in between all that I have a new household to put together, Jason will be acclimating himself to his new unit, we have the holidays, and whatever else may come up! And we haven't even scheduled the trip to Australia yet! I've always said I'd rather be busy than have nothing to do--perhaps I bit off more than I can chew?


  1. I'm afraid Jason about keeled over when he saw it! He's a bit--ahem!-- worried that he'll be run through the gauntlet. He's already marking days off for rest and relaxation! LOL.


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