August 10, 2009


Ihave been struggling with just about every store know to woman. I've wanted one thing, and one thing only since seeing Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" movie. Grey jeans that were not "skinny" jeans. I cannot do skinny jeans. They make me look like an ice cream cone (hel-lo, I have hips)!

The most frustrating aspect was that everyone had them online, but not in-store. I cannot buy jeans online. I suffer from back-gap-itis. You know, where they fit perfectly until you turn around and there's a huge gap at your waist? Yeah.

After a long, unsuccessful, draining trip to the mall this weekend, we swung into Banana Republic because it always soothes my soul. Even if I can't buy anything, just being near their beautiful garments makes me happy. They happened to be having a wonderful sale: buy two sale items, get one free; Jason and I split off the minute our shoes hit their polished hardwood floors. I half heartedly asked their sales assistant if they had "grey-non-skinny-jeans" expecting the same answer I'd heard from Guess, Express, Nordstrom, JC Penney, Sears, New York & Co., and The Gap: "No." Her face pinched, and she promised to look for me.

I slowly moved through the store, enjoying the cool fragranced air, and suddenly my eyes alighted on them: the holy grail of grey pants. My sales assistant appeared at my side just then.

"You didn't tell me about these!" I said, pawing them like a crazy person.

Since they were "chinos" she wasn't sure if they were what I was looking for. I picked up a size six and a size eight, then asked the question that would forever ground me as a Banana Republic loyal shopper: "If I'm in between sizes, can you do alterations?" Her answer: "Absolutely! We do in-house alterations for $10."


Wouldn't you know, those jeans fit like a glove. I've yet to wear them, but I think they'll make their first appearance at the birthday party next Saturday. Thank God for my allowance--the shopping trip was exactly what I needed to pull me out of this non-spending funk we've been in.

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  1. Love the ballet shoes !!!

    Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment because I've found your posts really interesting - sometimes they are topics I know little about and we can all learn something new everyday !

    Your pictures are simply amazing. So thank you for taking the time to share them and your lovely writing. Best wishes


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