August 7, 2009

procrastination... becoming a regular occurrence in this house. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've done a proper cleaning, which I keep blaming on the move (but really, if I'm going to hang shelves, I need to clean); my exercise has gone undone for a week (I made up for it by running a full mile last night, and walking another mile home); and now here it is Friday and I haven't packed a thing for my trip! It's so unlike me not to have a full blown list of what I'm taking, down to accessories and make-up bits. I think I've planned out maybe two outfits. I need to quit puttering around on the net, reading my favorite blogs, discovering new ones... such distractions, but what delicious distractions!

I'm hoping to do a blog or two from San Diego, but I've been filling up my days with all sorts of activities:
-Bad Kitty Photo shoot (Monday)
-Getting Padres tickets (we won four, Monday)
-Buying a gift for my BBF's daughter's first birthday (Tuesday)
-Buying myself a new top for said birthday party (Tuesday)
-Lunching with mom (Wednesday)
-Reviewing BK photos (Wednesday)
-Watching my mother attempt a zipline (Saturday)
-Attending one year old's birthday party (Saturday)

I also intend to spend some time running (I love those cold foggy mornings San Diego is famous for), some time on the beach, and soak up the rest of the time with family and friends. I really can't wait until we move and I'm close to everyone again!

Guess I'd better start making that packing list...

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  1. Cool SD mornings? LOL, not so much lately! It's been warm even at 8am, but cools off in the evening. Have a great trip!


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