August 20, 2009


Why did parasols ever go out of style? I mean, they're pretty, they're functional, they're lady like. And, a-ha, bonus: they keep the sun off of you! Slathered though I was at Lillian's birthday party, I still managed to come home a bit darker. The whole day I kept telling Jason "I wish I had a parasol! I wish I had an umbrella!" I finally ran to the car and dug out my straw fedora--seriously a bad fashion statement; it had been crushed by Jason's baseball gear and didn't exactly fit on my head the right way. Oh well--I had to keep that sun off my face!

Yesterday I put in my second order for Likas Papaya soap--a truly incredible bar of suds. Smells nice a fruity and has those fruit enzymes and extracts to help fix some of my skin issues. Today I'm researching my parasol options. Fashion trends be damned! The next time I'm walking around a park of any kind I'm busting out my parasol!

The parasols over at Luna Bazaar are my favorites. They come in over 100 different style options (triangle shaped parasol anyone?) and all sorts of sizes. And the colors! I could have a parasol to match every single outfit combination my closet has! But, wouldn't you know? This one is my current favorite.

Black and white. So simple, so versatile. So many outfits to go with.


  1. Karolyn8/27/2009

    Well... they went out of style when being pretentious did. But clearly you missed that ship. Cheers!

  2. A little pretention never hurt anyone! ;)


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