August 23, 2009

my new favorite shopping site

I had to share this website I stumbled upon: Where Yesterdays Live. It is the coolest nostalgia website I've come across to date. They have DVDs of classic commercials, CDs of classic radio commercials, radio shows for kids, game shows--just a whole slew of goodies! Which is how I happened to find them--in my quest for old time radio shows.

I have this little habit of needing to have noise on while I get ready. Quiet houses kind of bother me. Usually I'll put on "I Love Lucy" or "Friends" since I know just about every episode and I don't have to run to the TV to see what's going on. I started thinking that if I had radio shows, my problems would be solved since there's nothing to run and see on a radio. Wanting something that at least felt familiar, I started looking for "My Favorite Husband," Lucille Ball's pre-I-Love-Lucy show. I found a CD of 103 (out of 124) episodes on Where Yesterday's Live for only $10! They have a full episode on the site for you to sample, plus a list of the episodes included on the CD. What's funny is a lot of the titles correspond with some her her shows with Desi Arnaz in later years.

I just purchased my copy of "My Favorite Husband" (a mere $16.79 after tax and shipping) and I can't wait for it to get here. I know a lot of you love classic radio shows, so go check out Where Yesterdays Live and see what they have to offer--I just noticed a link that says "Just for the Holidays;" how cool would that be to have a vintage Christmas complete with holiday radio shows? Fun!


  1. I love to listen to old radio shows too! I got in the habit when I was a kid and an AM station would play them right at my bedtime.

    You might also want to check out

    I download them to my iPod for road trips and such.

  2. Having some on my iPod would REALLY be nice! Thanks for the links Gwen!

  3. Anonymous8/24/2009

    itunes store has them as well - some are even free

  4. Free you say?! I must check this out!!


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