August 11, 2009

one of those days

Have you ever had one of those really good days that you want to remember forever, but you know you won't? That's how Monday was.

I had my Bad Kitty photo shoot and it was I felt like the last time I was there I was young, nervous, and testing the waters. This time I felt grown up. Experienced. Cinnamon and I laughed and joked like we were old friends, which is one of the reason I love the studio so much. She's a no-holds-barred kind of woman and it makes you want to open up and just shed every inhibition you've ever developed.

Afterwards, I treated myself to lunch at The Tilted Kilt--where I sat at the bar all by myself like a real grown-up... who had a coke with grenadine and cherries in it...

A quick stop at the Padres ticket office to pick up our winning tickets, and I stepped back into the sunlight for a nice long drive home. In that moment, I felt so young, so hip, so glamorous. Here I was post sexy photo shoot, lunching in downtown San Diego, and driving the roads like I'd never lived anywhere else a day in my life.

It was perfection.

(A peek at the photo shoot make-up. Dare I say I really love this look?!)

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