November 20, 2009

honey-do friday, episode 2

- Order fabric swatches from & Warehouse Fabrics

- Little brother's birthday dinner

- Organize computer room for decorating photo

- Start preparing house for Thanksgiving company

- Go to grocery store for mulled apple cider ingredients and green olives

- Paint Empire West ceiling tiles and hang (finally!)

- Sew curtains

- Hang rods in living room & bedroom

- Hang curtains in living room & bedroom

Six days & counting until my big Thanksgiving debut! ;)

In the mean time, I'm procrastinating window shopping for a few things I really want this very minute in the near future. Damn budgets.

Sure Fit sofa & loveseat classic slip covers in white ($60 and $70 each).

Wooden dowels from Home Depot and wooden finials for some customized curtain rods ($1.17 each and $8.75 for 25).

Lucky Off-White fabric from Warehouse Fabrics for some new curtains ($3.49 per yard) and some black out fabric.

Grey paint.

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