November 4, 2009

october 29

I think Thursday was the chillest day we had in Salem. The wind was biting through the layers of shirts and jackets we had on. But we couldn't let that stop us because we had a full day of sight seeing ahead! One of the only things I wanted to do while we were in Oregon was take a tour of Deepwoods Estate, an historical Queen Anne Victorian home.

There were truly so many gorgeous details; I hate to try and break it down into just these eight pictures. But unless you want to stare at a million shots of hinges, doorknobs and other silly things I shot photos of, I'm afraid these are the best I can do! ;) The fireplace was a work of art, as was most of the construction of the house. They tried to restore it to its original decor--so yes, the orange paint on the parlor walls was actually correct for this home! The stained glass was also gorgeous and featured some intricate designs such as hand painting (shown in the second set top right photo). And what's truly amazing, the house was wired for electricity--but was lit by 8-watt bulbs (seen in the second set top left photo)! Just to give you an idea of comparison: the light bulb in a refrigerator is a 15-watt bulb.

That afternoon, we followed my grandfather and Uncle Andy into McMinnville, Oregon, which was waaaay out in the boondocks. We knew we were going to the aero-space museum, but no one had told us of the great (BIG) surprise it held inside.

That would be Jason and I standing under Howard Hugh's infamous Spruce Goose! When we pulled up, you could see its enormity through the glass and we were breathless! It was so large and so grand, it was almost intimidating. It truly is a wonder how that man ever got the thing into the air.

We also saw a number of other incredible things like the original lunar rover (as in, "One small step for man..."), a large part of the Berlin Wall, and even one of the Apollo pods that the Navy rescued from the sea.

If you happen to make it up to Oregon, the trip out McMinnville is most certainly worth the drive. Where else will you ever see an array of history like this?!


  1. I just jumped over here from The Lettered Cottage (I frequently blog hop, but only to blogs with cool names). I was pleasantly surprised to see pictures of OR, my neck-of-the-woods. Makes the world seem small. :)

  2. Well thanks for stopping by Aly! :) And I'm a firm believer that it's a very small world, and even smaller when it comes to Blog-land!


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