November 2, 2009

october 26 & 27

Monday we had our sights set on the Oregon Capital building. Sad to say, it kind of blows. I was shocked to find out they had zero information on the Oregon Trail (which, according to my grandma, my great-great-great grandmother came cross-country on). However, I did learn more about volcanoes, tidal waves, and the different types of rocks found in Oregon than I ever cared to know. At least it was pretty.

Tuesday, I got to spend some time with my "new" cousin, Amy. She married my cousin Chris four years ago (only five months before Jason and I were married) but this was the first time we were getting to meet and hang out. Come to realize, Amy and I have a lot in common! Silly things too like, we've both broken our right ankle, and I broke my left wrist while she broke her middle finger on her left hand. We both love antiques, DIY projects, old houses, and number of other things that had us marveling. (Interesting fact: Chris and Jason are only 12 days apart, and we were married just days before their son was born).

Anyhoo, I was happy to find out that everyone in Salem seems to love antiquing! So that's where we went Tuesday afternoon along with my Aunt Patti, Grandma, and one of Patti's daughters.

Outfit of the day: vintage grey jacket - etsy; "Harry Potter" scarf - American Eagle; grey tights - Hue; shoes - Söfft; vintage brooch - etsy.

We visited some amazing shops (and sadly passed up many more) but I was able to snag a few goodies that fit nicely into my suitcase!

Clockwise from top: Ball Mason jars--the old fashioned blue ones ($5 & $8), grey felt hat with netting ($10), vintage tartan print ($12), vintage children's records ($3 each).

I was SO thrilled to see the mason jars, especially as the only ones I can find in our area of California tend to be pricey. I'm going to use them around the house and I may even start asking Amy to ship me some if she finds any (if you're reading Amy!).

The grey hat was shamefully an impulse buy as it just looked incredible with my grey jacket. I plan to clean it up and embellish it a little more, but at $10 she was in lovely condition.

The tartan gentleman happened to be hanging on a wall and was shouting at me to buy him. He's dressed in the Wallace Clan tartan. Jason happens to be a huge fan of William Wallace and everything "Braveheart" so home the picture came with me.

And last but certainly not least, my records. I think all the ladies were giggling at the sight of a 25 year old tearing through a collection of children's records, but so many of my favorites were residing amongst the boxes. And at $3 a piece, I wasn't about to let some of the classics go unpurchased. I came home with "Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day" (my all-time favorite "Winnie the Pooh" story), "Alice in Wonderland" (my second favorite Disney movie, next to "Sleeping Beauty") and "Peter and the Wolf," which is a record I can remember listening to as a small child. I loved how all of the animals were a different instrument. I can't wait to get them on my record player!

All in all, a rather successful day!


  1. Nice purchases! If I saw Winnie the Pooh records, I'd buy them too. :)

    Don't feel bad about a impulse fixer-upper purchase, it's a great hat.

    Glad you had fun! We haven't seen enough of you lately :)

  2. I do suppose I need to hop on over to TFL and show off my purchses, huh? ;)

  3. Bummer that the capital building was very interesting. But for the real Oregon Trail story you have to go to Oregon City ~ the End of The Oregon Trail Museum is there.

  4. @Jeni--We DID go to Oregon City. Unfortunately, the museum is shut down for lack of funding. We were very disappointed! :(


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