November 13, 2009

new blog feature

I thought it would be helpful (and hey, hopefully a little fun) to implement a new feature in my blog:

I know many of us--especially with the impending holidays--have lists that seem to be a mile long. So in hopes that sharing my list with you will not only make ME more accountable, maybe it will inspire some of my readers to bust out the old pencil and paper and make their own lists! Then, on Mondays I will re-share the weekend's to-do list and see how I did--and if you choose to make your own list, please share them!

So, without further ado...

- Buy Thanksgiving dinner items

- Hang fall garland

- Buy more black paint

- Purchase curtain rings from BB&B

- Disassemble, prime, paint, & reassemble dinning room table

- Set table & table scape

- Paint curtain rings

- Hang remaining rods & curtains

Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday!

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