January 6, 2010

from speckled to spectacular!

Remember my coffee table? The one that looked like this?

After much prep, paint, more prep, more paint, and a little exasperation, it now looks like this:

The prep work took me about 45 minutes since I had to tape, tape, tape all those curves and edges.

I used a redneck ghetto white trash my own special little plastic bag technique to protect the top from any paint that might sneak through.

And then I painted for what felt like forever. The drying process was the most frustrating part because I kept wanting to hurry up and move onto the next step. This caused me many a repaint. Even the "quick drying" polyurethane took a century to dry. Boo.

So once more--before:


I'll be linking up to the DIY Show Off Show & Tell Party and Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday.


  1. It looks fantastic! You did a great job. I love the white on black!

  2. That turned out beautiful! It was sure worth all the hard work! Linda

  3. Thanks to both of you! :) Compliments make my heart do a little dance!

  4. wow! that is BEAUTIFUL!!! The white stands out! The black top looks so sleek!! you did great!!

  5. I love it Amber. You're so creative and DIY talented. Great job!

    Thanks for joining the Show & Tell party!


  6. It is gorgeous now. Love the black white idea.

  7. !!!!!!!! this is SUCH an improvement! to be honest, the table looked rather stuffy in the before. but now, it has so much character and fabulousness.

  8. Beautiful... love the black and white contrast. I've got a Power of Paint Party on Wednesdays... I'd love you to come party with us.


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