January 8, 2010

honey-do friday, episode 4

It's been a while since we did one of these! But I'm in the midst of a lot of little projects right now, and I'm hoping the supplies for two more will arrive sometime this weekend! (BTW, can you tell I am itching for spring? Luckily, here in SoCal it's already nice and warm!)

- Repaper second bookcase (or work until I run out of hot glue sticks)

- Finish wood putty-ing and sanding project

- Finish painting candle sticks (I'll do a post on this soon!)

- Make third attempt at threading sewing machine (this has not gone well)

- Return items to Home Depot and get "price-match" price (I'm saving almost $6! That's two whole cans of spray paint!)

- Prime new step stool

It's a lot to do, especially since Mom and I have a huge day planned tomorrow. We're going to run by one of the hardware stores and see about gettin' me some ground cover! I'd love to have our pathway lined with fluffy white Alyssums or spring green clovers. But we have a loooooong walkway and I'm worried those little flowers will rack up in cost! But, we'll see how we do!

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