January 27, 2010

project living room

Last weekend, my friend Katie and I attended a Pottery Barn decorating class. We had the best time! If you've never been to one of their classes, sign up! They open the store about an hour early, take you around to the displays, and teach you how to layer, coordinate, and accessorize. They talk about using odd numbered items, varying height, and how to blend colors together. Plus, you get to walk around in an empty, quiet Pottery Barn and stare at all the pretty items without someone bumping into you.

And, not to toot my own horn, but after a few of the comments and suggestions I piped up with in the class, one of the associates asked, "Are you a designer?" when I said, "No," she replied with, "Want a job?" ;) So, that made my little housewife's heart do a little jig!

While I was there, I wanted to grab items for our upcoming bedroom make-over. But, trying to adhere to my new resolve to work on one room and one item at a time, I resisted and focused on our living room. I had a decent base: the white couches, the black furniture, white coffee table, chocolate jute rug, and a side table I plan to build.

While we were in the store, I actually found inspiration for our living room in the oddest place:

A bedroom! Touches will include burlap, galvanized tin, and some bead board floating around the room. But don't worry, it won't look like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds in our living room. ;)

  • Paint wall unit
  • Apply backing
  • Apply bead board wallpaper
  • Paint coffee table
  • Replace knobs
  • Build side table
  • Sew burlap table runner
  • Sew/purchase burlap pillow
  • Find coffee table tray
  • Accessorize with mason jars, milk jars, galvanized tin, glass vases, and flowers

    So, here we go. Day One...

    1. so are these classes free? and to be kid free in pottery barn...that would be heaven on earth!

    2. Yes! They are totally free! I made sure to ask. Plus you get a coupon for 10% off once the class is over. I might do another one come summer since this was about spring and the new year. And hey, I don't mind getting 10% off here and there!


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