January 22, 2009

ac-cen-tuate the positive

"E-lim-inate the negative. Ac-cen-tuate the positive, and latch on...!" (I love Perry Como!)

Oh I'm so excited today! Yesterday when I went shopping, I was walking down the baking aisle and found my eyes wandering over the beautiful boxes of cake mixes. I almost walked by when I remembered this amazing cake my BFF made for her little girl who just turned 1:

Isn't that amazing?! She sends me pictures all the time via Snapfish photo sharing and I gushed on and on when I saw this cake. We usually talk to each other every Wednesday like clockwork (she's married to a man in the Coast Guard and stationed up in Alaska), and I had her laughing hysterically over my impression of this cake.

So, wanting to be a good little housewife myself, I realized that baking now came under my job description. So I hemmed and hawed over the boxes (Duncan Hines, Pillsbury?) and figured I couldn't go wrong with good ol' Betty Crocker. So armed with some eight inch rounds and a can of chocolate chunk frosting, I'm going to attempt to bake my very first double layer cake! Hubbs has no idea and I'm hoping I can surprise him with it this evening!

Oh, and before we part ways so I can start getting ready this morning, I have to show you the 2 gorgeous pictures we hung yesterday!

We bought them at the swap meet in San Diego (can you tell which one belongs to each of us?). Hubbs already has plans for his next purchase (as do I...) so I know we'll be headed back down there some time next month.

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