January 29, 2009

getting in the groove

Day two of my exercise regime. Fifteen minutes boogie-ing my way down the treadmill. As I type this I'm munching away on toast with a light spread of butter (well, margarine) and about to try a morning tea blend of hibiscus, rosehips, spearmint, lemon grass, orange peel, cherry stems, and blackberry leaves. It's veeeerry pink. ::sips:: Hm. Not a lot of flavor, kind of a sweet touch on the tongue...not bad. Might could use a bit of honey in it.

Today was also one of the first days I started my routines. Since unpacking has taken precedence over everything else, my housewifery takes a back seat. But this morning as my tea water was heating up and my bread was toasting, I emptied our dishwasher (I know, how very un-vintage of me), rinsed last night's dishes and loaded it up again. I swept a cloth over my counters (which are happily clutter free for the first time since we moved in), and finished just in time for my tea to reach its desired strength. The front rooms are coming together nicely and I'll be very happy once they're organized and set up to my liking.

Yesterday my copy of "America's Housekeeping Book" finally arrived!

I thumbed through the pages (which definitely spent time with a smoker about twenty years ago, but it gives the book even more of a vintage feel), amazed at some of the chapters. It is literally a manual on how to be a housewife. It's all the things we should have learned as little girls, probably the text book from which our mother's would have taught us. If Hubbs and I ever have children and I happen to have a girl, it will be what I teach her from. For those of you who read Jitterbug's blog, you know some of what the book touches on, but it goes so much further than that.

The chapters include tips and guidelines on how to create and manage a budget; clean different types of floors, walls, furniture, drapes, table cloths; storage problems (which we definitely have) and how to fix them; how to care for and clean different types of metals; as I said literally a manual on how to be a wife! I wish they'd passed this out in Marine Wife Training 101! I know a few ladies who could definitely use it! And what man doesn't want his wife knowing those basics?


  1. Don't you ADORE this book! I got mine last week, and I can't put it down. It now has a special place on my bedstead, so at night, for my 1/2 hour of reading my hubby and I share in bed before sleeping, it is my treat!
    My next step in my vintage weight loss is exercising with Jack Lelain. He was an old exercise guru on tv in the 1950s for the housewife to keep in shape. We found some of his stuff on youtube. I will let you know how they work out.

  2. Oh, that's a good idea! Let me know if you find something you like. I've always told Hubbs that I want one of those machines wives used to starp around their rear ends and it shook them like crazy! What do you think my chances of finding something like that nowadays is? ;0)


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