January 18, 2009

"the golden state (1947)" & a new mission

The Golden State

So, Hubbs and I were at Wal-Mart today, and as usual, he was digging through the $5 movie bin (one of these days I'll take a picture of all the movies he's acquired over the years, and this is his most favorite thing to do when we venture to Wal-Mart). He produced a very amazing compilation of 1940 cartoons--180 of them on a 4-disc set! I was so excited! I came home and popped it into our player.

I immediately fell in love with this little gem!

How can you not love that?


My New Mission

I decided this evening that I'm going to start setting goals for myself on a weekly basis. I have officially become a housewife (my absolute dream job) by a mere technicality: there are no jobs to be had in our new town. At least, none that Hubbs wants me working (nights and weekends? No thank you!). So, I am determined to prove to him that I can make this home into the perfect 1940's house--which means I have to kick it into gear!

I'm going to approach this just like any new job. I'll have a period of training, followed by execution. I know if I try to jump head first and take on too many things at once, I'll become overwhelmed. My main goal is to get the house unpacked and our old furniture out of here. While those will be constant background goals, I'll also have other daily goals and tasks. Will the dishes be done every day? Mmm, probably not right away. But will the house come to order and the little errands get done? You bet your sweet bottom they will!

This week's goals:
-Wrap and pack up dishes to send to Stephanie
-Move donation clothes into laundry room
-Hang pictures as they are unpacked
-Prepare house for Katie and Tony's visit this weekend

While not the most ambitious of lists (I'll have to wait to send the dishes to Stephanie until the beginning of February, since sending 2 whole dish sets--including serving bowls and platters--to Alaska will cost quite a mint) it's a start and will get me in the mode of making weekly tasks to do above and beyond the basic housewifery duties.

So I'll be watching all of your weekly lists and using them as a sort of training manual--and any advice is greatly appreciated! I'm determined to be the best little housewife I can so Hubbs will let me keep this job!!

Oh, PS: Our trip to Palm Springs was a tiny bit of a bust. We didn't realize the streets only had 2 hour parking, and the idea of moving our car every couple of hours didn't make either of us very happy. We've since decided that after his promotion we'll go and stay in a proper hotel so we can enjoy the trip!

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