January 15, 2009

mortified & humbled

Oh ladies...I've commited the cardinal sin. I went out without my make-up. In my pajamas. To drop Hubbs off at work! Just erase me from the female existance right now and get it over with!!

I need our car today and since we share one between us, I dropped Hubby off not even 20 minutes ago. Now, my jammies are cute; they're purple flowered flannels with a silk hemline from Victoria's Secret (they even came with matching slippers). Normally, this isn't an issue, as we drive through the gate, I drop him off across the street from the school building, and I drive back home. But not today.

First off, the guard at the gate stops us because our sticker is faded. I glare at my husband since I've asked him to fix this! I have to roll down my window (thank God I brushed my teeth and hair and at least attempted to do something with it--what I wouldn't give for a head scarf right now!) and explain to the guard yes I know the sticker is faded, yes I promise to have it fixed this afternoon. Then, Mr. M decides he's too proud to be dropped off across the street from his school house and decides he wants me to drive into the parking lot of school and drop him off right next to where they're having formations and other Marines are walking in. Don't think they weren't looking to see what his wife looks like. I did my best to look backwards or down so they wouldn't be able to see my pale face with its red left eye (I think I rubbed dirt into it when the movers were dropping stuff off because it's really sore and itchy!) and no make-up on.

I left quite humbled and have since decided that the jammies are probably okay (but I really need to get a house dress), but I shall never again leave this house without make-up on. Ever.

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