January 23, 2009

amber bakes a cake

I did it, I did it! I baked my first cake ever! I didn't realize I'd never baked a cake until I was talking to Stephanie (I needed to know when the cake was actually considered to be "cooled") and she asked me if I'd ever baked one before now. I hadn't! Brownies, yes. A cake? No! And it turned out so beautifully! (Although she did let me know to actually get that "double layer" cake look, I'd have to cut and shape the cake so it wasn't like two rounds sitting on top of one another. Oh well, next time!)

Here they are fresh out of the oven, aren't they pretty?

I was more than pleased to see the cakes had pulled away from the sides of the pans. Made it very easy to get them out!

All frosted and ready to go! (I used a triple chocolate chip frosting...from a can. I'll get to making my own frosting soon enough!)

Hubbs came home right as I was assembling it. I was disappointed that he'd snuck home on his lunch hour, but was happy now that I had someone to take my picture with my cake! He was very proud of me.

But the true satisfaction of a job well done was when we cut into it after dinner. It was delicious!

That wasn't the only creative thing I was up to yesterday. Now that we're firmly established in our new home, it's time to send out moving cards. Having had the song, "California Here I Come!" stuck in my head for days, I figured the theme was more than appropriate for our moving cards. Here's how they turned out:

Can't wait to get them sent out!


  1. Well done! And on your first try! Your cake looks absolutely scrumptious.

  2. You look so happy and proud with your cake. I predict many baking successes in your future! :)

  3. Heeee! Too funny! Looks yummy~
    Thanks for stopping by today!


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