January 5, 2009

frozen shampoo and much ado about housing

Have you ever tried to wash your hair with frozen shampoo?! I had to this morning and let me tell you--it's quite a shock to your system! Hubby forgot to grab our toiletries from the car and ran out to grab them as soon as he woke up. As I was showering the steam must have loosened up the shampoo enough to come out of the canister; but the minute it touched my hand I let out a startled yelp! {{shudder}}

So, the big housing update: we went today and we were number 56 on the list! That meant we were staring right in the face of a 4 month wait! We were shocked. Panicked! Horrified! Stressed. To. The. Max. The housing people gave us a list of apartments to consider and we trudged back to our room dejected and quite snippy (okay, I was the only snippy one).

As Hubbs was reading off the addresses, I was using my trusty Google Maps to check them out from their street view (O Google--how I love thee!). More shock and horror, and few tears and tantrums (from me). The apartments looked like mud huts! The kind where you can just imagine the desert and mountain creepy crawlies sliding in through the cracks and nestling themselves into your shoes. Iiiick! I'm pretty sure at that point Jason realized what a priss he'd married as he narrowly dodged my flailing arms when he uttered the phrase, "We'll just have to take what we can get."

Luckily, I'd had my eye on some apartments homes long before we ever arrived here. After some drama with getting Hubbs checked into his new unit, and plunking down a whopping $2,000 for our first month's rent and security deposit (hooray for military advanced housing pay!) we are officially the new tenants of the luxury apartments right outside of base (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, nearly 1300 square feet, and all utilities included!). We move in on the ninth and it's not a moment too soon! If I have to spend much longer living next to the hyena and her grunting caveman of a husband, I'm going to start barking at the top of my lungs just to annoy them! (Yes, you read right, barking. Like a dog!)


On a side note, look at this cute little guy I spied while waiting for Jason to check in!


  1. Congrats on finding the new place! That's so exciting!

  2. is that a road runner? look out for coyotes!

  3. I was doing a giveaway on my blog and I'm sorry that you didn't win. I DO, however, appreciate your comments and wanted to let you know!

    Thank you,


  4. Dunc: Thank you so much!! It's such a huge relief!
    50s Gal: You should hear them running up here! I think they run in packs of 20 or 30!
    Roxanne: No worries! Just happy I could leave feedback!


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