January 24, 2009

week's end

Well, how did I do?

This week's goals:
-Wrap and pack up dishes to send to Stephanie
-Move donation clothes into laundry room
-Hang pictures as they are unpacked
-Prepare house for Katie and Tony's visit this weekend (<---she cancelled, so technically I didn't do this, but it's off the list either way)

I'd say for my first week on the job officially, I didn't do too badly! I have 12 more boxes to unpack before the house is done--minus a few small details:

1.) We don't have a linen closet, so right now our sheets and towels are residing in plastic bins in our clothes closet.

2.) We have a box of stuff from our garage back in North Carolina that we have to move into our storage unit (it's landscaping stuff that I want to keep, but we have no real land to scape now that we're in the desert). However, the previous tenants seemed to have moved with the key to the unit, so we're waiting for it to be re-keyed. This is also why the donation clothes didn't/couldn't be moved into the laundry room: it's currently serving double duty for my storage closet.

3.) We have a few odd ball picture frames that aren't black like all our other ones (they seem to pop better against white walls), so until I can paint them or replace them, they'll be residing in a plastic bin in a clothes closet as well.

4.) There is the small detail of actually getting the house in order once everything is officially unpacked. I also have this crazy notion that in doing this, I'd like to try and photograph some of my vintage outfits so I know what I have lying around, and how my pieces mix and match.

Next weekend my parents and grandparents are coming up because as of February 2, Jason is supposed to pick up his new rank. We're still holding our breath on this one since the new president has frozen everything that the former president had approved or was in the process of being passed. I will be furious if this promotion is put on hiatus. But Hubbs has said that since he was already projected to pick up, for all intents and purposes, he should pick up. Please cross your fingers for us.

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