January 12, 2009

so happy together...

Me and my Internet. My Internet and Me. (I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be my Internet and I...) The Time Warner man just left my house and I'm so happy to be back in the virtual world of blogging and vintage!

My mom, step-dad, and step-sister came up on Saturday to help us move in the rest of our stuff we left down at their house. The rest of stuff comes form the military movers tomorrow (which I'm not looking forward too. Hubbs usually handles the movers, but tomorrow, it's all me)! I'll just be happy to have a house that I can sneeze in and it no longer echos like a huge cave! On that note, Mom's official thought on the place: "Wow, it doesn't even look like an apartment!" Yay!

So, here are those shoes I was referring too in the last post (I'm SO sorry for being a label flaunter, but these were so cute and vintage-y, I figured I'd just go ahead and share who designed them).

They are so cute and really quite comfy; the only drawback is the darn satin laces which tend to come undone in about three or four steps unless I double knot them. But now that you can see them, what do you think of my choices below? (The yellow cardigan and flower dress are definitely out for this round--but that dress will be mine!) I'm really leaning towards that black-bow cardi, only because with my gray skirt, some seamed stockings and pearl earrings (Christmas gift from Hubbs) it will look lady-like, vintage, and not steal the spotlight from my Hubby's proud moment.

(Oh, and if you check in on my blog and it looks totally funky or has "disappeared," don't fret. I'm doing some redesigning on the layout and you might catch it during one of those cycles.)

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