January 26, 2009

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So, being inspired by my blog idols like Super Kawaii Mama, I've decided that on days I'm feeling exceptionally cute (or proud of my outfits) I'm going to try and snap a quick picture to post them here. Not only will it help with my look-book goal, but I figure in a month or two, I can see how my sense of style is developing! And in the mean time, you can have a laugh at the blunders I make. ;0)

I was particularly proud of today's outfit! I half expected Hubbs to come home yelling, "Emer! You got some 'splaining to do!"

Navy polka dot dress-Forever 21, Black lace leggings-Forever21 (seeing a pattern?), Shoes-Anne Klein, Pearl necklace and earrings-Helzberg Diamonds (Christmas gift from Hubbs).

Of course, I might need a better place to start shooting my photos...hmm...


  1. I love the idea of a lookbook. I adore that dress. Part of my project this year is to drop some pounds and girdles and vintage clothes every day has certainly made me realize it is a necessity! I am on day two of black coffee, dry toast for breakfast (while I drool over hubbys bacon) beef broth and salad for lunch and a smaller portion of dinner without the dessert! I can do it. I need to keep a pic of a slim 1955 spring suit on my desk to keep me going!

  2. I too need to drop a little bit of weight--I'm about at my max of where I'd like to be. And my dress was just a bit too snug for my liking (when I first bought it, I could put the belt on the last notch; when I took this photo, I was using the first--yikes!). That menu doesn't sound too bad, but what about snacks?


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