January 25, 2009

filling in the gaps

So, here's what I found for that big blank space on our wall:

The ceramic M Hubbs and I made a pottery store back in North Carolina. The Iwo Jima propaganda tin we found at one of the local thrift stores. We visited two of them yesterday, and plan to hit the remaining three on another venture out. Speaking of which, here was the outfit I chose for thrifting yesterday:

Top-Banana Republic, Jeans-Anchor Blue, Shoes-TUK, Purse-Coach, Necklace-Nautica, Earrings-Diamonds from my mom and step-dad

I'm going to use this as the beginning of my "look" book that I plan to make of my clothes. Not much of it is actually vintage, but it has a sweet little feeling to it, and I received so many compliments on my shoes! Young women, old women, everyone loved them!

While we were out yesterday, I was amazed at how tiny the chest of drawers were from the 1940's and 50's. I've since decided that as I start to build my vintage wardrobe, I'm going to start donating my old wardrobe (no sense in having it if I'm not wearing it). I'm also going to try and find more outfits that can hang, since buying hangers is cheaper (and less space consuming) than buying more chests. I've got quite a project ahead of me this year!

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