January 21, 2009


Originally, this adorable little word came into my vocabulary via the blog Housewifery: For the Little Woman in You. But I've found myself using it now as a job description! Perfect example: this morning my friend Katie asks, "What are you up to today?" Me: "Errands mostly, and housewifery." It's become my new favorite word!

Today's housewifery will include a trip to the commissary (to replenish our produce and grab the few things I forgot on our initial trip), more unpacking (I know, I know, but I swear I'm almost done!), and some other little odds and ends like running to the post office, calling a tailor for Hubbs, and listing a few goodies in the classifieds section on the Fedora Lounge.

By the way, what do we think of this headboard?

I just love the arch! If it had buttons I'd be head over heels! Hubbs and I are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy our new bedroom furniture one piece at a time, and our bed is going to be the first thing we refurbish. There are several antique and thrift stores out in town, and should I be able to find a beautiful metal frame for a reasonable price, I'll jump on that. But since Hubbs is becoming more and more determined to have a padded headboard (poor thing has smacked his head on the wall so many times in the last couple weeks) we may end up with this instead. We have red curtains, so I figured against the white walls, the black headboard would make a nice addition.

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