January 20, 2009


So here's what one of my goals has netted me:

"Hang pictures as they are unpacked."

(This is a spliced together picture.) Like my little Crosley radio there? It was a wedding present from my grandparents. When Hubbs and I saw it, we both almost fainted. It plays all sizes of records, which I love! Of course right now I'm listening to a CD of vintage music...

But what a difference the pictures have made! I just need a couple of vertical pictures to go in that void there. Even though my house is still littered with boxes, hanging my pictures one by one has made it feel more like a home. Yay for small steps and accomplishments!

I truly hope by the time the family comes up for Jason's promotion it will be box-free, even if all my knick-knacks aren't quite in their places yet.

And oh yes, the winner of the promotional wear is:

With its classic color and versatility to dress up or down and go with anything in my wardrobe, I had to pick this vintage inspired cardigan from Forever 21. It should be here in about 2-5 business days, (although I about choked at the $17 for express shipping--that'll teach me to wait until the last minute to buy something!) and then I can put together the whole outfit for a sneak preview!

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