January 21, 2009

side note

For those wondering why I haven't mentioned the presidential inauguration, it's not because I'm not a proud little American (sorry, Hubby in the military means you'd better be pretty darn proud of your country, even on your bad days), but because I want to keep my blog neutral. I don't care who my readers chose for President, and I hope they don't care who I chose either. I've no desire to start political debates as the nastiness of it all takes away from the happy little bubble I've created around my life, and the dignity we should all uphold as ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention I have a very brash and hardened little sister who shoves politics down your throat until you can't breathe; my blog is a place to relax and escape. And as I told my grandmother, "I haven't watched an inauguration since I turned 18 and started voting. This year will be no different." Politics have very little influence on my personal day-to-day life, and I don't plan to start letting them have one now.

Now, on to vintage things...

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