January 7, 2009

*fixed* promotional wear, what to do?

(Thank you for letting me know the pictures weren't showing up!)

Hubbs is getting his new rank pinned on him at the beginning of February. Me being me, I'm looking for an outfit right now. Fueled by advice from the girls in The Powder Room I've been scouring Etsy, Pin-up Girl Clothing, eBay, and just about every other clothing site I can find that might have something remotely vintage-like for this ceremony. So far, I'm pretty sure I'm at least wearing a pencil skirt that I already own in a dark Heather gray. And of course, I'm going to need a super cute cardigan to go with my pencil skirt.

Are these not 3 of the cutest cardigans ever? I love the bright cherry color of the yellow (but am thinking I'd really need to go with a white skirt for this one, not that I'd mind buying one!).

Of course my natural inclination is to go with the red one (plus February is the month of love, and doesn't this deep red just scream passion?), but the description says it's only 16 inches from shoulder to hemline--kind of short isn't it?

And then the black one with adorable bow! So yummy! And my Christmas shoes would look so perfect with it (which I still can't show you because my camera cord is MIA, again)! And pearls!

And of course, I'm also entertaining the idea of dresses. I love the chic lines of the black and white one, but is it too business-y?

The grey one is very pretty, and the color reminds me of being all snuggley on a cold winter's day (which, we're still in).

And I love the beautiful colors in this silky frock! But is it too "housewarming meets hostess" for a military promotion?

I'd love to hear what you all think!


  1. i love the red cardi and the grey dress...

  2. I think the grey dress is my favorite - if it were me, that would be my pick. :)

  3. I love the bottom dress, though I wish it were longer (more new look mid 50's length). I really like the patterning ont he yellow one. Congrats on hubbys promotion, is that the right term for an increase in rank, promotion?

  4. Thanks ladies for all your feedback! Apparently this is going to be a difficult choice!
    50s gal: I may have to go back and see the length of that dress. And yes, promotion is still the term used for a rank increase.

  5. The red cardigan is scrumptious!

  6. Black cardi with pearls and that flowered frock at the bottom... sooooo pretttyyyyyyy!!! <3 Udo

  7. I love it all! If only I were a wealthy heiress!

  8. i love that dark redone with the bow neck, where is it from? I want it!

  9. Atomic Mama-That cardi is from Charlotte Russe! I'm always very surprised at how many modern store sites carry vintage inspired clothing (but I guess it's "all the rage" right now).


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