February 10, 2009

adding to the list

One mile! WOO-HOO!! Actually, 1.7 miles in sixteen minutes! I was sweating and now I am chugging water and wheezing a bit (blasted asthma) but I feel so good! Even with my leftover cold, I'm still okay! Yesterday I did my first proper workout in a while. I started with yoga, but with the whole head-cold thing it wasn't pretty. So instead I opted for mat exercises like crunches. I'm about to go jump on my balance ball and do some bench presses Marilyn-style. Now that I've broken the one mile goal, my new goal is to do it five times a week. Yep, Monday through Friday I'm going to try and run my tush off! I'm stuck at my current weight (three pounds lighter than when I started, but not moving from there), and Hubbs has said that this should help me shed some of those pounds.

But I think what's going to help even more is pumping my water intake. I don't drink nearly enough water throughout the day. Half the time I don't think I even get in twenty ounces (that's about .59 litres for my readers across the pond). So right now I'm off for another workout and some water! I should be back later with a look book look. We didn't have any snow yesterday but it's still plenty cold here!

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